American Innovision

Scientific, medical and pharmaceutical instruments.

Growth, Product Develoment, Market Entry, Divestiture

Development company apply image analysis, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and parallel computing to medical research, diagnosis and critical cGMP processes.

Managed Merger and Divestiture strategy.

  • Developed joint venture for pharmaceutical industry products.
  • Developed multiple markets and products over 8 years.
    • Included product specification, technology acquisition and launch of scientific instruments with development of distribution in North America.
    • Continued with specification and top level design for pharmaceutical quality assurance system. Established distribution in North America, Europe, Latin America and Japan. Established line as leading product in its class.
    • Developed strategy for FDA Good Manufacturing Practices certification.
    • Specifications for automated cancer detection systems.
    • Several detailed business and product plans.
  • Prepared technology and documentation for transfer.